Thursday, November 19, 2009

Geek Squadron

Wow, how long has it been since I've blogged? I have some really good
excuses, and some really bad ones.

Good Excuses:
- I was in California! For three and a half days. Erika and I decided
at the last minute to go visit the family and go see my grandma, who
hasn't been feeling too good lately. We found some stellar prices two
days before the weekend on Jet Blue and took advantage of the fact
that Wednesday was a bank holiday and that I have a bunch of "sick"
leave time left for this year that I won't be using (hopefully). We
spent two wonderful days with the grandparents and then had a half day
left to tool around the Bay Area. I succeeded in some goals (Technical
Support, eating Mexican food, eating In 'N Out burger, spending
quality time with the family, and visiting my long lost storage unit)
and failed miserably in others - most notably on cleaning out said
storage unit. What the heck is all the crap in those boxes? I opened
the door to it, realized that I drastically underestimated the amount
of junk that's in there, and locked it back up again. See ya in
another three years!
- I've turned my apartment into a major hot-box and have been getting
high for two weeks - on computers. My apartment is literally a
technology-agnostic sandbox at this point. Windows XP, Windows 7,
Windows Vista, OS X Snow Leopard, Ubuntu Linux 9.10. You name it, and
I've been working on it. I brought my dad's old computer back to NY
with me and had to spend too much time getting it ready for
exportation to Peru at Christmas. Then I acquired (through semi-legal
means) Windows 7 that I needed to install on my laptop. After that, I
somehow found an amazing new picture-album program that just had to be
installed on Stefan's Linux box in California. I've been pounding my
head in the wall for three days on that now and it still isn't
working. And yesterday Vas's new Macbook Pro arrived and of course I
needed to get wireless working and install Windows 7 on his Boot Camp.
There are now computer parts and packaging strewn across tables and
floors in my apartment and I'm just waiting for Erika to finally say
enough is enough and make me organize stuff.
- I've been planning Thanksgiving in NYC. Although nothing is as good
as a Thanksgiving with family, this year we'll have to make due with
good friends as Vas is coming to town and Susyash and the Irishman are
trekking up for the day. I'm really looking forward to it and Erika
and I have some work to do getting ready for that. Serving platters?
Large forks? Serving utensils? Guess it's time to finally use up those
Crate & Barrel gift cards from February!
- We joined the gym!

Bad Excuses:
- We joined the gym! Last night. Erika and I have finally had enough
of being lazy at night since our contracts at Meatheads-'R-Us ended in
the summer. After debating, hymn-and-hawing back and forth on the
decision, we finally saddled up and signed a one-year contract with
the nice gym down the street. I'm eagerly anticipating my first spin
class in over a year and look forward to increasing my brute strength
and fitness this winter.

We've got a busy two weeks ahead of us with Roland coming to town,
Thanksgiving, etc. but I'll try to keep the faith a little better. As
soon as I get that damn picture album software working...

J. Riley, lots of stuff going on in the background as well. Stay
tuned, all three of you!